Problem + Solution

Problem 1:
Youth need jobs and skill development.

  • 21,518 Cook County Students (16-24) are unemployed, out of school, and lack a HS Diploma (UIC, 2017)

  • Illinois has a 70% Youth Joblessness Rate (City Lab, 2017)

  • 31% of IL High School Students are college and career ready (Advance Illinois, 2018)

Problem 2: Employers need candidates

  • 40% of employers cannot find candidates for entry-level jobs (McKinsey, 2017)

  • Small Business Owners cite difficulty of finding qualified workers as the “Single Most Important Business Problem” (NFIB, 2019)

  • 86% of US employers would pay more for employees with the right skills (McKinsey, 2011)

Paid Transferable Skill Development


Helix invests in youth through paid transferable skill development, creates an employment pipeline, and develops a student network because we know: