Problem + Solution

Problem 1:
Youth need jobs and skill development.

  • 21,518 Cook County Students (16-24) are unemployed, out of school, and lack a HS Diploma (UIC, 2017)

  • Illinois has a 70% Youth Joblessness Rate (City Lab, 2017)

  • 31% of IL High School Students are college and career ready (Advance Illinois, 2018)

Problem 2: Employers need candidates

  • 40% of employers cannot find candidates for entry-level jobs (McKinsey, 2017)

  • Small Business Owners cite difficulty of finding qualified workers as the “Single Most Important Business Problem” (NFIB, 2019)

  • 86% of US employers would pay more for employees with the right skills (McKinsey, 2011)

Paid Skill Development


Helix invests in youth through paid transferable skill development, creates an employment pipeline, and develops a student network because we know: