FLOW Workshop 2: Sustaining Healthy Habits (Oct 3)

FLOW Workshop 2: Sustaining Healthy Habits (Oct 3)


Sustaining Healthy Habits Workshop - October 3,, 2019 - 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Frustrated with setting goals you don’t follow through on? Let’s develop the systems to support the

changes you want to make.

In this workshop you’ll learn how habits work and create a strategy for the way you do your life.

Habits are the patterns that move you forward or keep you stuck. They’re rooted not just in actions but

in beliefs and they create and recreate your experience of life. To change them you have to know what

you want, understand the purpose of the current pattern, and design a new habit to fulfill the purpose

in a way more aligned with what you want to create.

This workshop uses a class and group coaching style to help you go deep and design the systems and

create the boundaries to reinforce 3 new habits aligned with your best self.

Join an intimate group of amazing people as you explore and identify new holistic habits

Bring your curiosity and a willingness to experiment. All other supplies provided.

$20/person (Save $15 by purchasing the 3 workshop bundle)

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