Helix Cafe

Our full service cafe opens in early 2019. We are featuring locally roasted coffee, the best Chicago baked pastries, kettle boiled bagels, sandwiches, and breakfast tacos. Come for the cafe experience knowing you are contributing to our Edgewater home.


The Coffee

We are thrilled to serve Halfwit coffee. Roasted in the Hermosa Neighborhood on Chicago’s northwest side, Halfwit is the actual best coffee you’ll ever find. We have all the standard espresso drinks, new drinks you’ll love with Nutella, local honey, natural vanilla, and the best brewed coffee in Edgewater. We also have a full range of iced drinks including cold brew coffee and all of the amazing tea Rishi Tea in Milwaukee, Spirit Tea in Chicago and East Hill Tea in Chicago have to offer.


The Food

We get bagels, scones, muffins, breads and other delicious baked wonders from bakeries across Chicago. We take the bagels and bread and make delicious sandwiches for lunch and breakfast. We also have breakfast tacos made with fresh tortillas, breakfast meats, chilies, salsas, eggs and love. Click the link below to see our menu


Our Neighborhood

We are in the Northwest Corner of Edgewater just south of Rogers Park in Chicago. Our corner of the neighborhood is charming, eclectic and the only place we want to call home. We love meeting neighbors, hosting events, bringing coffee to your office, and everything else that makes us proud Edgewaterians from the 48th ward!