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Hi, We’re Helix Chicago.



Helix! We provide the building blocks for successful careers, active neighborhoods, and a strong Chicago one job at a time.


Helix Programs

Helix’s real world programming focuses on the incentives and skills needed to find, get hired, and “kick butt and take names” at a job.

Helix offers custom single sessions or 8 week programs to provide student job readiness and increase the social-emotional skills that spell success. Helix Cafe puts 16-24 year olds to work. The win-win comes with on-shift experience and off-shift paid development. Click below to learn more about Helix’s two step programming.


Helix Cafe

Our Cafe serves as the primary location for our two-step programming. It is an inviting scene offering coffee, tea, and food to the Edgewater community and visitors. Helix Cafe is dedicated to community and quality in everything we do. From our full espresso menu, robust tea program, locally sourced breakfast and lunch menu, to our student employees, the Cafe is dedicated to providing high quality experiences for everyone who comes through our door. See our menu and check out our space at the link below.


Helix provides innovative programming and skill development for employees and our community.

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Chicago Coffee. Youth Employment. Community.



Create change at any amount.